As we reach the shortest day, the Erewash Press thought you might like to stock up on reading material for the long evenings.  Since we launched we’ve brought out works by Anthony Trollope, E.F. Benson, Charles Williams, George MacDonald and others – and they’re all 99p (or 99c for US readers) in our sale  Read whatever you like from our catalogue at this price – I’ve copied the listings below so you can get them directly if you’d like.  I hope you find the books as fascinating, fun and thought-provoking as we do – and I’m always keen to hear your thoughts on them!




Having resigned herself to a life dedicated to duty as a Victorian spinster, Margaret Mackenzie inherits a small fortune. Suddenly she finds herself in the position of choosing where her life should lead, and how she should live it. Moving to a small resort town, she weighs up the possibilities of a life of cards and assemblies, or one of piety and church meetings. It isn’t long before she has other decisions to make, as three men seek her hand in marriage: one in trade, one in the Church, and one from a fading gentry family. Miss Mackenzie’s bittersweet adventures in society provide a satirical and entertaining ride through Victorian life, alive with memorably-drawn characters and teasing moral dilemmas

Price: £2.50  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



The Descent of the Dove is Charles Williams’ audacious and passionate history of the Holy Spirit in the Church. Written at the beginning of the Second World War, by a close colleague of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, it is an invaluable glimpse into the mind of a major Christian thinker at a turning point in history. Williams’ vivid style and deep erudition are brought to bear on an almost impossible task: a history of the Spirit which blows wherever it wills, and confounds logic or expectation. The result is a radical and fascinating vision of Christianity’s history, which has a lot to suggest about its potential futures.

This new edition, making the book generally available after decades of obscurity, has been thoroughly edited and includes explanatory notes to help the general reader appreciate Williams’ ideas and literary references.

‘When St. Paul preached in Athens, the world was thronged with crosses, rooted outside cities, bearing all of them the bodies of slowly dying men. When Augustine preached in Carthage, the world was also thronged with crosses, but now in the very centre of cities, lifted in processions and above altars, decorated and jewelled, and bearing all of them the image of the Identity of dying Man. There can hardly ever have been—it is a platitude— a more astonishing reversion in the history of the world. It is not surprising that Christianity should sometimes be regarded as the darkest of superstitions, when it is considered that a thing of the lowest and most indecent horror should have been lifted, lit, and monstrously adored, and that not merely sensationally but by the vivid and philosophic assent of the great intellects of the Roman world.’

Price: £2.99  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



Taliessin through Logres is an extraordinary collection of poems by one of the Oxford Inklings. In them, Charles Williams, a friend and comrade of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, weaves his own version of the legends of King Arthur.

Dense, subtle and full of astonishing turns of phrase, the poems bring together history, theology, myth and literature in a prodigious work of intellect and imagination. Their style varies from ringing rhymes and cunningly wrought stanzas, to alliterative lines recalling Anglo-Saxon poetry, as Williams retells the stories that have inspired writers from Malory to Tennyson to Zimmer Bradley.

Unavailable to the general reader for decades, these poems are published by the Erewash Press in the first electronic edition, edited and emended from an early print edition, with notes by the original author.

Price: £2.99  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



Paying Guests is a hilarious and poignant social comedy from the author of David Blaize and the Mapp and Lucia novels. E.F. Benson’s sarcastic wit and depth of perception are on display in a story about a private hotel in a holiday resort. An eccentric cast of characters pursue their personal obsesions, bickering, scheming and domineering. But by the end, two of them have seen the possibilty of a new life and a kind of love they hadn’t admitted they wanted.

A new edition by the Erewash Press, this book has been personally edited, and includes a new introduction, setting the work in the context of Benson’s other novels and the social world of the time.

Price: £1.99  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



Witchcraft  by Charles Williams

Charles Williams was one of the Inklings, the circle of literary and theological writers which centred on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. In “Witchcraft”, he provides an esoteric and intellectually provocative history of witchcraft and magic in the Christian era.

As readable as a thriller but full of profound theological insight, Williams’ book explores the sombre and lurid history of the reaction to witchcraft as well as its most famous cases.

Written before the rise of Wicca and the feminist embracing of witchcraft, this is a rediscovered classic, by one of the major minds of English Christianity in the twentieth century.

In a new edition by the Erewash Press, this book is made available on Kindle for a new generation of readers. It includes an introductory essay, sketching the outlines of Williams’ thought and how it relates to more recent scholarship on witchcraft.

Price: £4.99  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



The Princess and the Goblin & The Princess and Curdie   by George MacDonald

Two intriguing short novels by the Victorian writer George MacDonald. A huge influence on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton and later fantasy authors, these books combine fantastical storylines with suprisingly radical ideas for their time. The stories feature a young princess, an invading horde of goblins, a poetic miner and a white-haired, shape-shifting woman who might hold the key to the universe.

This new edition from the Erewash Press has been carefully produced and edited. The supplementary essays explore MacDonald’s literary style, influences and philosophical ideas.

“I saw the bright shadow coming out of the book and resting there, transforming all common things and yet itself unchanged.”
C.S. Lewis on reading George MacDonald

Price: £2.50  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p



‘What’s a nice writer like you doing in an anthology like this…?’

Tales from the Unexpected provides a truly eerie reading experience, by collecting together uncanny and supernatural stories … by authors famous for writing very different genres. Fans of Cranford will find a gothic tale by Mrs Gaskell inside, whilst anyone who knows and loves the Mapp and Lucia novels might be surprised by E.F. Benson’s contribution to the ghost story tradition. We’ve found Jerome K. Jerome taking a break from the Three Men in a Boat to yarn about grudges from beyond the grave, whilst Edith Nesbit and Louisa May Alcott are vying with each other to tell tales of which Professor Bhaer would definitely disapprove.

For a uniquely unsettling literary experience, try Tales from the Unexpected.

Price:  £1.99  CURRENTLY ONLY 99p