The weekend is coming unusually early this time around – here are a cluster of pieces worth a read.  Leave your links and comments at the bottom!

‘Impact’, ‘value’ and ‘economics’: making sense of the problem of value in the arts and humanities – Eleonora Belfiore’s latest fascinating paper on the justification and understanding of “cultural value”, where the arguments came from and where they’re going.

My Trouble with Practice-as-Research – Holger Syme discusses his enthusiasm for performance research in Early Modern scholarship, alongside his unease with its philosophical basis and its effects.

Art is Therapy review – de Botton as door-stepping self-help evangelist  Adrian Searle has no patience with the twee, self-realizing form of engagement with art which Alain de Botton is now offering.

To Body mod Away From Brownness and Back – a disturbing and ironic essay by Alok Vaid-Menon about his dislocation of being a brown man with a beard in a Brooklyn which finds him “fierce” and “exotic”, whilst white hipsters are getting beard implants and brown travellers are getting profiled.

 What Alan Carr taught me about gay men’s homophobia  – Owen Jones writes about camp, self-loathing, straight-acting and the internal policing of gayness.

Liking Rev as an Evangelical Vicar – David Hilborn gives his reaction to the show, reading it through the lens of the classic British sit-com and Christian notions of suffering and glory.  (He makes it clear he wouldn’t ever want to actually go to Adam’s church.)