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Are you a student who blogs?  I’m putting together a piece – or maybe a series – on student bloggers, and I’d love to hear from you.  Whether you’re just starting one to document your uni life, you’ve been airing your opinions online throughout your teenage years, you’re trying to build up experience for going into journalism, or you have an anonymous ranting site, I’d like to know how you blog and what your blog means to you.  I’d really appreciate input from absolutely anyone who’s currently a university student (or has just left) and who writes a blog – I’ve put some questions below to spark thought, but please feel free to ignore them and simply tell me about your experience of blogging – my email address is jem dot bloomfield at hotmail dot co dot uk, or you can leave shorter responses in the comments below.

How long have you been blogging?  Why did you start? Do you write under your own name, or a pseudonym?  What sort of topics do you cover?  What blogs (or other sites) do you read, and did any of them inspire your approach or your style?  Do you write for any other sites or publications?

Why do you write online?  What do you get out of it?  What sort of style do you adopt?  Do you think you’ve got better at it over the time you’ve been doing it?  Who is your imagined audience?  Are there any pieces which got dramatically more or fewer readers than you’d expected?

How does your blogging relate to being a student?  Do you write about uni life, or the academic subject you’re studying?  Do you read other students’ blogs, or other blogs about studenty topics?  Do you write for the student papers as well?

What sort of feedback have you got on your pieces?  Are you intending to go into a field where writing will be important, and is there a “professional development” angle to your blogging?  Does your blog act as a professional profile?  Are there any concerns you have about your blog and your offline life colliding?