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Catching Fire: Film Review – Ben Garry sees the new Hunger Games movie

I Rewatched Love Actually And I Am Here To Ruin It For All Of You – I know Jezebel’s not exactly the finest publication, but Lindy West is really in the zone on this.  So very funny.  (It’s approaching the bear’s head level, for those who remember that one.)

Relient K and using CCM to sell sexism – Sarah Moon talks about a popular “contemporary Christian music” band and their problem with women

Pom Pom Christmas Decs – Zoe Ashton makes some “delightfully twee” decorations

Dear BT – Zoe Stavri sums up the unbelievable news that BT’s “content filter” has declared it will block sites relating to “respect for a partner” and “the gay and lesbian lifestyle”

Why are there so few academic writing courses? asks Julia Molinari

Ballots and Bullets’ Five Most Read Articles of 2013

Instant Nostalgia: Your Favourite First Term Texts – one for the Notts English students: Ask Bunbury wants your rants about books you’ve read on your course.

Oh, Christmas Tree! – Caitlin McDonald tells the story of “Piny Tim”, a diminutive plant she has festooned with tinsley cheer.

Men’s Rights Redditors flood Occidental College’s online rape reporting form with false accusations – as David Futrelle notes, new bottoms of the barrel are being plumbed.

The Small Catechism Set Free – John H puts a copy of a fascinating document by Luther up online

Ellen Terry: From Shakespearean Actress to Public Speaker – Vanessa Pupavac writes intriguingly on exactly what the label says.

“All The Things We Were Told To Never Talk About” #NotYourAsianSidekick – Tigtog at Feministe gives an account of Suey Park’s hashtag, the conversations it caused and further reading