Another round-up of reads – and please do leave links to your own writing in the comments, or other pieces you’ve found interesting!

The many faces of mothers in Georgian England – Joanne Bailey surveys the images available to women in constructing their identity as a mother in the period.

Women before the lens: Miss Representation and Hunger Games Catching Fire – Beth Searby reflects on a couple of films and what they say about women’s representation on screen

A Christmas Carol or Two – Ben Garry explores Christmas celebrations around Nottingham.

How Blackpool became a “dumping ground” for the socially excluded – Sophie McBain reports on a bleak situation

Apartheid’s Useful Idiots – Ta Nehisi-Coates excoriates the racism underlying a Wall Street Journal ‘tribute’ to Mandela, and places it in the historical context of the US right’s relationship with apartheid.

Mandela will never, ever, be your minstrel – Muso Okwonga fights back against the depoliticization and ahistoricism of the way Mandela has been depicted since his death.

Gender Segregation in Universities and Elsewhere – Kelvin Holdsworth writes about his experience with – and discomfort with – gender segregation in public and religious spaces.

I Got Off My Bike and Stopped Looking For Work – Plashing Vole criticizes the culture of overwork and competitive busy-ness in academe,