A fine Saturday morning to you all!  More links, freshly picked from the meadows of the interwebs.  Leave your own recommendations, and your own writing, in the links.  Cheers!

From Olympia to the Valleys: what riot grrrl did and didn’t do for me – a lengthy and engrossing essay by Rhian E. Jones on her teenage years in Wales, punk, feminism and the rest.  (Those who know her writing will be unshocked by the subject of the last paragraph.  Place your bets…)

The Truth, the Half-Truth and Nothing Like The Truth: reconceptualising false allegations of rape – Candida L. Saunders writes in the British Journal of Criminology, asking us to consider what definitions govern the status of a “false” allegation of rape, and what the term means to different people.

A view from one of them econocrats: efficiency and public libraries in England – Javier Stanizola at the Cultural Value Initiative explores the notions of value and efficiency as applied to libraries

18th months of labour welfare policy in 1 article Sue March takes an in-depth look at the rhetoric and policy of welfare from the opposition at Diary of a Benefits Scrounger

Sickness and disability is not a lifestyle choice – one of those “I can’t believe we’re still pointing this out” pieces at Virtual Gherkin, with quotations from people’s life stories.

Can conversations about women in pop move beyond a binary of agency or exploitation?  Renni Eddo-Lodge being superb on Miles Cyrus, Rihanna, and the way we talk about women in music culture.

PhD Blues: Mental Health and the PhD Student – Jessica at Academic Follower of Fashion asks for an open conversation about the mental health problems in academia

Britain: A history of shopkeeping, empire and racial tensions – Sita Balani on some intriguing research on exactly what the title says.

Responding to No Name Science Life editor who called me out of my name – the scientist DN Lee was asked to blog for free for Science Life. She demurred politely.  the editor called her a whore. She points out this is not acceptable.

Collaborative Plays by Shakespeare and Others – Peter Kirwan writes about the coverage his newly published book is getting, and what it means to say a play has “Shakespeare’s fingerprints” on it.

The value of literary awards today – Zoe Ashton asks if they have any…

Impact and relevance: so what? – Nicholas Allen probes the issues and assumptions behind “relevance” for academic research

Memories, emotions and writing history – typically thoughtful piece by Joanne Bailey on this topic, focused around the image of St. George

A lesson in cause and effect: drunk women do not cause rape. Rapists cause rape. Zoe Stavri reiterates the case against rape culture, after Emily Yoffe’s article which suggested the opposite.