This is not a particularly up-beat set of links, I’m afraid – just a function of what’s been appearing on my desk-top this week.  As ever, please leave your own comments or links below!

Tequila Club Video Promotes Rape – the Leeds Student paper covers a club night whose promo video talks about “raping” and “violating” freshers.  Link to a petition to stop hosting the night.

Why I will happily censor you – Mike Booth talks about comments BTL, freedom of speech and “just saying”…

“Teach everyone, men and women…” – Eseld Bosustow on who we direct rape-prevention messages towards, and the double bind involved.

Obituary for Post-Feminism – Lynne Segal fervently declares and desires that we are over post-feminism and have arrived at feminism, at least potentially.

The role of the feline in the medieval society of the North Atlantic region – Rachel L.F. Bonde’s archaeology thesis on…well, exactly what it says.

The nine kinds of physics seminar – Matthew Rave explains, with graphs, the path of understanding co-ordinated with time in kinds of physics paper, producing shapes which feel familiar to other disciplines as well.

Women airbrushed from church history? – Vicky interviews Kate Cooper about her new book.

Revolution born  of exhaustion – Caroline Criado-Perez is back and writing about her despair at the way society is ordered. The first few comments, before BTL was closed, are generally not encouraging.

Sagging Pants Do not Cause Inequality – Wiley Reading at Feministe responds to Andre Perry’s “pragmatic” programme for social justice.  There’s some interesting pushback to all sides in the comments.

Clergy who’ve lost their faith due to patriarchy – Vicky Beeching interviews Lisa Dunphy about an confidential online community of clergy who can no longer believe.