This week’s links include theatre history, Mumsnet, the King James Bible, swing-dancing, and your usual dose of feminism.  Do leave anything you think people might enjoy reading in the comments – especially if you wrote it!  Feel free to comment to discuss the links as well.

Shakespeare and The Spanish Tragedy: A Challenge for Theatre History – Holger Syme considers the different kinds of evidence and investigation which overlap – or don’t – given the recent ascription of passages of the Spanish Tragedy to Shakespeare.

Why Mumsnet Feminism Matters – Glosswitch responds to the snide opinions expressed about the tendency of members of Mumsnet to become more feminist after participating in the site

We Need To Talk About Mumsnet Feminists – Hannah Mudge details the campaigns Mumsnet has launched, and argues we should take them seriously

How “mummy feminism” can get it wrong – Glosswitch tackles the other side of the issue: how “mummy feminism” may sometimes stem from outraged privilege, and the typical gaps in its vision of the world.

Specsaviours – Alice Bell writes in the THE about geek chic, nerd culture and various views of it.

Teaching Naked – a piece at Tenure, She Wrote about the time one of “Gracie ABD”‘s evaluations came back with the suggestion she teach naked to improve her performance.

What have booze, fags and TVs got to do with benefits? – Frances Ryan on the problems with “discretionary” benefits and the hoops set up for people who need them.

Against equality – Stavvers is unimpressed by the ambition of those who merely want to be equal as part of a corrupt system.

If Femen was set up by a man, where does that leave its topless protests? – Bim Adewunmi reflects on the news about the famous (if widely side-eyed) group

Beds, marital sex and adultery – Joanne Bailey continues her series on beds and culture in Early Modern life. This week she wonders about couples talking inside the bed curtains, and why adultery didn’t happen in the marital bed

Secular Muslims and women’s rights – Vicky Beeching interviews Tehmina Kazi for the “Faith in Feminism” project.  They discuss secular Muslim activism, women’s rights and attitudes to Muslim women in public life.

How I Know That The King James Version is God’s Word – this is a pamphlet I came across whilst working on my current chapter.  I don’t expect many readers will agree with it (!) but the range of arguments are fascinating, not to mention deeply surprising at times.

Solving Sexism in the Lindy Hop Community – Rebecca Brightly wants to stamp out sexism in lindy hop, and her piece asks why we associate “lead” and “follow” in partner dance with “man” and “woman”, or indeed “dominant” and “submissive”.  V interesting stuff too on the sexualisation of same-sex partner dancing by the straight gaze.

Holy infographics: the Bible visualised – a collection of data visualisations of the Bible, including a rainbow of cross-references, a Tube Map of the plot of the Passion and other odd images.