A second set of links, and another request for you to leave anything you’d like to call attention to in the comments.  This includes stuff you’ve loved, stuff you’ve written, and even stuff you really haven’t liked.  I’ve put a couple of the latter at the bottom – not for HATE-READING JOLLIES, but because I find it really helpful working out what I think by talking about what doesn’t quite seem right.  Do also leave comments on what you thought of any of the linked pieces.

Beards, Moustaches and Facial Hair in History – Alun Withey scoots through time, considering the meanings ascribed to facial hair, from virility to patriotism, from politeness to obscurity.

The Bed and the Emotional Landscape of the Household – Joanne Bailey talks about beds, emotions, the idea of the family and the focus of feeling.

The Documents in the Case – From the comments on last week’s piece – Legion’s Eagle writes fascinatingly about detective fiction, BAD SKIENZ and Dorothy L. Sayers

Two women, one blog, many beers – a manifesto and opening post by a brand-new feminist beer blog called “It Comes In Pints?”

Ace of Hearts – another stonking personal piece from Laura Buttrick, about asexuality and her relationship

Orange is the New Black gives a new view of the debate over privilege – Bim Adewunmi on the TV show a lot of us are talking about, and its treatment of power dynamics (I suspect there will be more posts on this show…)

“Masculinity in crisis” cannot justify killing your family – Glosswitch puts her finger on the queasy aspect of the “male crisis” stories we keep being fed

Real men don’t drink fruit tea – Carl Beech talks about masculinity, connecting with men and visions of the church (in ways I can’t really connect with)

Feminist and pro-life? – in a broader interview than the title suggests, Vicky Beeching interviews Caroline Farrow about Catholicism, contraception, sex and feminism.  (In the words of @mellowdramatic: “Can you be feminist and pro-life? Probably, but I don’t think this is how…”)