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It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve read a lot of fascinating stuff online, so I thought I’d start a weekend links series on Quite Irregular.  Below are some things I’d recommend, and please feel free to leave your own links – including stuff you’ve written, if you like – in the comments.

I Was A Misogynist – Laura Buttrick writes brilliantly, and with painful honesty, about growing up in a society which encouraged her to hate women – and herself for being one.

Christian Feminism Is Not An Oxymoron – Vicky Beeching launches her new online project with an article about feminism and the church. (Some of the comments are…interesting)

Safer Spaces Within Feminism – Stavvers talks about the need to think hard about the notion of inclusivity within feminism

Reading Hick-Hop: The Shotgun Marriage of Hip Hop and Country Music – Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses race, class, genre, culture and resistance in the musical hybrid.  (Worth a read even if you don’t listen to any of the genres mentioned…)

Isn’t Religion Largely Homophobic? – Vicky Beeching interviews Rachel Mann, the philosopher, priest, and gay trans woman. (If this piece gets you interested in Rachel’s work, her blog is here and I reviewed her book “Dazzling Darkness”)

The Hairpin Talks To Mikki Kendall and Flazia Dzodan – about the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag, its origins and implications

Of Course All Men Don’t Hate Women – but, argues Laurie Penny, all men must know they benefit from sexism.

I Hate Strong Female Characters – Sophia McDougall finds the flattening of female fictional representation boring and restrictive.

Kill All Hipsters – Rhian E. Jones suggests that hipsters are more the symptom than the cause.  Though they are nonetheless shit.  (NB: I should like to point out that Rhian has publicly declared that I liked her work before it was cool.  At the time I was pleased, but I now fear I am only just getting the joke, just in time t be assassinated…)

Looking forward to your reading suggestions and self-promotion in the comments…!