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Welcome to Quite Irregular, which may end up being exactly what it says on the masthead.  I started this blog to write on culture, literature and politics and hopefully a few friends will help me out with guest articles on their own hobbyhorses.  Sorry, “specialist subjects”.   On the list of forthcoming attractions we have “Swearing in Cars With Boys”, “Why Food Is Not An Art Form”, “Rohypnol: Get A Better Punchline” and “Jane Austen: You’re Liking Her All Wrong!”  Quite a lot of these posts will be phrased as questions (despite the titles): I’m hoping to start discussions and float ideas, not give definite statements.  I’m looking forward to hearing what readers (if there are any) have to say on the topics.  If you have any comments, or would like to suggest an article, please drop me an email.