About The Author

Jem Bloomfield teaches medieval and early modern literature at the University of Nottingham, having previously taught at Exeter and Oxford Brookes.  His research ranges across Shakespeare, gender, performance and the Bible, with a particular focus on the ways texts are used to focus cultural authority.  Quite Irregular has been cited by major media outlets including The Guardian, Salon and The New Statesman, as well as scholarly journals such as English Studies and Contemporary and Theatre Review.

You can find him on twitter @jembloomfield




‘‘So pure and rational an attachment’: Isabella Glyn’s Performance of Social and Sexual Risk at Sadler’s Wells’, Victorian Network, Summer 2013

‘Two Jacobean Malfis: Controversy and Reception in 1892 and 2010’, Shakespeare Bulletin, Spring 2013

‘Ben Jonson’, The Year’s Work in English Studies, Spring 2013

‘”The Shame of this Pacific Reign”: Engagement with the Past in Domestic Tragedy during the 1730s.’ Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research 25:1, Summer 2011


Idols of the Book: Critical Dialogues Between Shakespeare and the Bible (in preparation)

Who is Duchess of Malfi Still: The Many Afterlives of Webster’s Play (in preparation)


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  1. Splendid intro, Dr. J!

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